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Movie Review: Logan


It’s  2029 and a sick Logan is caring for an ailing Professor X. Hiding out at the Mexican border, Logan and Professor X are found by some dark forces who are looking for a young mutant.

I haven’t written a review since Captain America: Civil War came out. That was May 5, 2016. So, it’s been a very long time and you might be wondering, “Why start again?”. Well, I’ve always enjoyed writing, but I’ve been very busy lately that I simply haven’t had the time to write reviews, but the main reason is that I really wanted to write about Logan. P.S. All my reviews are always spoiler free.

It’s definitely not a spoiler, but you may have missed this bit of news that this will be the last film of Hugh Jackman starring as Logan/Wolverine. That’s 9 films across 16 years. I honestly can’t think of any actor that has played the same character over that period of time. I mean, you could make a case for actors who played James Bond, but they only end up doing 4-5 films before they recast and it usually takes 4-5 years to make just one film.

While Logan is technically a superhero film, it certainly does not feel like one. I’m not kidding you. It felt like it was a standalone sci-fi/drama. With that being said, of course there’s a tad of a backstory that you should know about Logan and Professor X, but it really it just a tad. I applaud Fox, Marvel and everyone else that worked on creating this gem and really taking superhero films to another level. Now, they won’t be able to make every superhero film this way, but I truly believe Marvel and even DC can learn from this, that not every superhero film has to cater to the younger audience. Yes, it will make a ridiculous amount of money, but if studios take the greed out of it (I know, who are we kidding?), they can make a really great film that will last for many years and become a classic, a must-watch many years down the road. Look at Deadpool. Two big things really stand out – it was rated R and there was no 3D. The whole 3D gimmick has always been a money grab and almost every superhero film has it, but it’s really unnecessary. Deadpool raked it in and is the second highest grossing R-rated film of all time. Logan might not come close to Deadpool because Deadpool’s marketing and comedic approach certainly put more butts in the seats, but Logan is beautifully created that you can pin it up against non-superhero films.

Hugh Jackman gave it all he got and more for his final film. I can honestly tell you that I wouldn’t be surprised if he was nominated for best actor. Dead serious. Of course, it’s only March and there hasn’t been much competition, but that’s how I truly felt about his performance. It’s also Patrick Stewart’s farewell tour and it was fitting to have the most iconic X-Men characters go out together.

As the film is rated R, you can expect to see a lot of gore and some hardcore slice and dice by Logan and Laura. Speaking of Laura, I thought she was great in Logan.I mean, I don’t know if I’d want my 11-year-old daughter slicing and dicing people, (who am I kidding, she’s going to be a star!), but she nailed the role. Patrick Stewart was in top notch form as Professor X and actually lost 20 pounds for this role as his character is sick in the film.

Director James Mangold stated he didn’t want to rely much on CGI and green screen, which really tells you from the get-go that his feels like of a superhero film. He wanted a more human approach to the film and it certainly worked out in the end. James Mangold also wrote the screenplay, with his last being Walk The Line – also a very highly rated film. It wasn’t all Mangold though as Michael Green (Green Lantern… uhh, but going forward Alien:Covenant and Blade Runner 2049) and Scott Frank (The Wolverine, Marley and Me) also wrote the screenplay. Again, the way they wrote screenplay, definitely played into the more human approach and less of the superhero approach.

Overall, Logan, in my mind, is one of the best superhero films of all time. I’ve said it. To some, they might not think that’s a big deal because they don’t like superhero films or feel they are mostly mindless action films, but to others, they will either agree with me or be intrigued enough to give a shot, in which they will thank me later.

Whether you’re an X-Men, Marvel, Hugh Jackman fan or just a moviegoer wanting to witness something great, Logan will meet and exceed your expectations. Also, take a look at Marvel’s farewell to Hugh Jackman below.

Logan is now in theatres.

Thank you, Hugh Jackman.

Posted by The Marvel Universe on Saturday, March 4, 2017

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