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Will Smith and Martin Lawrence back for Bad Boys 3


It just wouldn’t be the same without them.

Back in August, Sony announced release dates for a bunch of films, two of them being Bad Boys 3 and Bad Boys 4. Unfortunately, at the time, no one knew if Will Smith and Martin Lawrence would be back. Certainly, we could all hope they would both return, but you just never know nowadays. Hollywood is struggling to come up with new and fresh ideas, so it wouldn’t be surprising if they just took the name and ran with a different cast. I mean, that’s what they did, for the most part, with Independence Day: Resurgence. Let’s be honest, Independence Day: Resurgence just won’t be the same without Will Smith. But then again, it could be the world’s best kept secret if he did show up in the film.

Now, to get back on track with the story at hand, Will Smith confirmed today that he saw Martin Lawrence a few weeks ago and apparently, that is when they made the decision to come back for Bad Boys 3. Yes, Sony announced a Bad Boys 4 and Will Smith didn’t say anything about it, which is totally fine. One step at a time, right? Seriously though, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are doing it for a nice hefty pay check and then passing the reigns onto a new duo for the fourth instalment.

Another important piece to this story is that Michael Bay will not be returning to the director seat for Bad Boys 3. Say what you will about him, but you can’t crap on Bad Boys and Bad Boys 2 because of Michael Bay. Those films became what they are today because of Michael Bay, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. I’m guessing it cut into Michael Bay’s Transformers 5 schedule as that is also slated for 2017.

Bad Boys 3 is scheduled for a February 17, 2017 release with Bad Boys 4 getting a July 3, 2019 release.

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