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Warner Bros. confirms Ben Affleck will direct standalone Batman film


Nothing wrong with that.

If you thought Ben Affleck wasn’t a good Bruce Wayne/Batman in Batman v Superman, you’re in the minority. I, along with many others, thoroughly enjoyed Affleck as Mr.Wayne and we surely can’t wait for the next Batman reboot with him. Not only will he star in it, he will direct and there’s even talks that he will write the script with a few others. What can this man not do?

It looks like it will have a release date sometime in 2018 as Justice League: Part One is slated for 2017 and Part Two slated for 2019, so it only makes sense.

Ben Affleck has recently directed The Town (also wrote the script) and Argo Рtwo fantastic films. Will Ben Affleck be able to give us what Christopher Nolan did? Hopefully that and more.

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