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Vacation alert!


What’s going to happen to Screen This for the next three weeks?

Hey Screen This readers! I just wanted to give you the heads up that I will be on vacation for the next 3 weeks starting Thursday, July 13. I’m heading to Japan and I’ll be back on August 2! So, what does this mean? Well, I won’t be updating Screen This with the latest advance screening contests. I know, sad face.

Not all is lost however. I have recently updated the site with the latest films. The only thing is, there just won’t be additional contests, so at least there’s still a contest for you to win! Also if you are really looking for a specific film, just check the usual sites you enter. It’s always the radio stations, movie blogs or television stations that run these contests, so if you recognize a few sites that you always enter contests with, check them once a week until I’m back.

Hopefully you win a contest or two while I’m gone!


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