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Transformers 5, 6 and 7 get aggressive release dates


Autobots, roll out!

It looks like Transformers is ready to compete with the Fast and Furious franchise in trying to get as many films made. Here’s a good question, if you had to pick one over the other, what would it be? There’s definitely a lot of people sick of both franchises, but there’s also a lot of people who enjoy them. Personally, I enjoyed the Shia LaBeouf Transformers and I enjoy all the Fast and Furious films. As I’m sure you all know by now, I’m pretty open minded when it comes to films. But, I digress.

Paramount Pictures announced very aggressive release dates for Transformers 5, 6 and 7. Transformers 5 is slated for June 23, 2017 with director Michael Bay back at the helm and there’s not a whole lot of cast information, but we all know Mark Wahlberg is back as he reportedly signed a long term deal before Transformers 4 – Age of Extinction. By the way, do you know what else has a release date of June 23, 2017?  Wonder Woman. Now that’s a battle at the box office I want to see. A week before that is Kingsman 2 and the week after that is Uncharted.

Transformers 6 gets a release date of June 8, 2018. Godzilla 2 is also slated for that date and while I would say Transformers would win that battle at the box office, I’m also wondering if people will be sick of Transformers. These dates could also change, but only time will tell. It looks like Michael Bay won’t be returning as director for the 6th instalment because there’s no way he can do Transformers 5 and 6, a year apart. Think about it. This is exactly what Universal Pictures did with Fast and Furious 6 and 7. Justin Lin had been director for Fast and Furious 3 through 6. The studio got greedy and accelerated the timetable to get a film out every year or two and Justin Lin said there’s no way he can do that.

And at last. Transformers 7 is set for June 28, 2019. Unlike previous release dates, Transformers 7 actually has this date all to theirselves. However, Disney’s The Incredibles 2 is slated for the week before (we all know every child, teen and adult will want to see it) and the week after is Bad Boys 4, which we won’t know if the hype will be back after Bad Boys 3.

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