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Todd MacFarlane has finished the script for a Spawn film


Now is the right time for a Spawn film.

The TV show that ran from 1997-1999 was actually pretty good. Unfortunately, the film in between those dates was disappointing. Well, there’s good news for Spawn fans – Todd MacFarlane has finished writing the script for the new film. However, he does need to edit quite a bit of it. The usual script is around 120 pages and MacFarlane stated that the Spawn script is currently sitting at 183. That’s quite a bit to cut out.

MacFarlane also stated that he would like to direct the film. I don’t know what kind of pull MacFarlane has in Hollywood, but looking over his IMDB page, I’d go ahead and say not much. He’s never directed a film before and even though he said he wouldn’t need a crazy budget, I also think he is delusional. I know Deadpool’s budget was $58 million, but in my opinion,¬†even though you can find similarities, Spawn is still different from Deadpool.

The last important information that MacFarlane mentioned was that he wants this film to move as far away from the original character and make the film more like a Japanese horror film with a mix of The Departed and Paranormal Activity. I don’t think I would’ve ever imagined saying those 2 films in the same sentence.

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