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Deadpool is now the highest grossing R-rated film worldwide


How much did Deadpool make at the box office?

It took Deadpool 46 days to become the highest grossing R-rated film worldwide ringing in $746 million. How’s that for a fun fact? Deadpool took the world by storm on opening weekend back in February and it continued to hang on even with a decent amount of films being released.

Deadpool passes The Matrix Reloaded, who was sitting at $742 million, but now it’s time for Deadpool to take the helms in the domestic side of things, as they currently sit in third as well. It won’t be hard for Deadpool to take over 2nd as American Sniper is ahead by roughly $130,000. However, it might be difficult for Deadpool to get that number 1 spot, which is currently held by The Passion of the Christ. Deadpool sits $21 million behind The Passion of the Christ, but looking at the daily numbers, Deadpool just saw roughly a $3 million drop this weekend (Friday-Saturday made $4.8 million compared to $7.9 million), most likely due to Batman v Superman. So, even if Deadpool was able to rake in $6 million this week and next week, they would still be short by $9 million and by then, I think it will be time to pull it from theatres. I could be wrong though. Maybe the studios want that record so bad, they will keep it in theatres for a little bit longer just to get the record.

Even before all of these numbers were posted, there were already talks of Deadpool 2. I mean, it was part of the end credits, but 20th Century Fox must be ecstatic of this outcome and it only means bigger and better things for the sequel.

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