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Big Brother Canada Season 5 Partners and Prizes


We’ve seen The Brick, OxiClean laundry detergent, shomi and other brands featured in previous seasons of Big Brother Canada, so who will we see in season 5?

Big Brother Canada season 5 premieres on March 15th, but there has been very limited information released and it’s just over a week away. In previous seasons, Big Brother Canada doesn’t usually announce the cast until a week before the premiere, but what we do know is that the house tour will air on ET Canada on Monday, March 13th, 2 days before the premiere.¬†However, my gut tells me that if the cast isn’t revealed tomorrow (8th), we are certainly getting an all-star season.

Until then, it’s a pure guessing game, but what we certainly do know now is who Big Brother Canada has partnered with for season 5. I know some people certainly don’t like the brand-focused challenges, but if done right, it can turn out to be a really cool and memorable challenge.

So, who has Big Brother Canada partnered with? Well, The Brick is certainly back in furnishing the home and I’m sure they will have a challenge or two. They will also hand out a $30,000 gift card to the winner, just like in previous seasons and will bring back the Ultimate Fan Experience where fans will get to live in the house for 24 hours. New additions that will play a big role for the entire season will be Toyota and Kraft Peanut Butter. Toyota will bring on the prizes for the houseguests with two nail-biting tasks and a challenge, but the winner will also get a new car – a 2017 Toyota ’86. Kraft Peanut Butter will fill out the pantry in the house.

Other brands that will be participating throughout the year will be OREO cookies, ParticipACTION and Paramount Pictures’ Baywatch movie. Here’s hoping the Baywatch challenge will be as good as the Allegiant-themed challenges in previous years – they have certainly been my favourite.

Of course, the winner will also win $100,000.

You can read the full article here, but what could be a hint or just an enticing title, the article states, “Out-of-this-world season”. What could it mean? Could it mean Canada vs USA houseguests? Are they going across the pond again? Or I could just be looking into it too much and it really means nothing.

Keep it locked and loaded here on Screen This as we will keep up up-to-date with the latest news on Big Brother Canada 5.

UPDATE: The first 8 houseguests have been revealed. See it here.

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