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Big Brother Canada Season 4 Houseguests Revealed: Part 2 of 2


The remaining houseguests have been revealed for season 4 of Big Brother Canada.

Big Brother Canada revealed the first 7 houseguests yesterday and now they have announced the remaining 7.

1_Houseguest_0011_KFKelsey Faith

Age: 25

Hometown: Calgary, AB

Occupation: Flight attendant and bartender

Short bio: This free-spirited sweetheart is looking to make new friends, and wants to win without getting any blood on her hands.

My analysis: She’s definitely the most attractive one in the house this season. It’s always a tough feat trying to win without getting any blood on her hands (here we go again with the bloody hands), but I am definitely interested to see how she can pull it off. Could be like Ashleigh last season. 



2_Houseguest_0009_PPPhilippe Paquette

Age: 21

Hometown: Ottawa, ON

Occupation: University student/DJ

Short bio:This outspoken heartbreaker is not looking to be sensitive to the feelings of others, and will do whatever it takes to win.

My analysis: I have a feeling I might like this guy. “Will do whatever it takes to win?” That’s the way I would play the game.





Christine Kelsey

Age: 47

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Occupation: Housekeeper

Short bio: This self-professed “game freak” is looking to align with an opposite personality to hers, who she can pretend is her enemy in the house.

My analysis: The oldest of the bunch, looks like she will be the mom in the house and will definitely stick around unless she talks too much and ruins her own game. Oh and Vancouver represent!




Mitchell Moffit

Age: 27

Hometown: Guelph, ON

Occupation: Youtuber

Short bio: A self-proclaimed ringleader, this successful YouTube personality and scientist will use his social prowess to be a master social strategist.

My analysis: At first glance I thought this was season 3 Johnny’s twin or something. He also reminds me a little of Jordan from season 3 as well. So, he’s definitely looks like an interesting player.




Sharry Ash

Age: 30

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Occupation: Customer Service Supervisor

Short bio: Dynamic, vibrant and full of energy, her strategy is to be flexible. She is looking to dominate competitions, and to rely on her intelligence to get her through the game.

My analysis: I don’t really have much to say about her. She says she is looking to dominate competitions, but I get this vibe that she may be really competitive with her family and friends, but we all know that sometimes it doesn’t translate against strangers, so I feel like she will be a huge flop.



Dallas Cormier

Age: 24

Hometown: St. John, NB

Occupation: Welder

Short bio: His loud laugh and beaming personality can brighten anyone’s day. His strategy is to win over the hearts of the houseguests and win over Canada.

My analysis: Could this be a nice guy version of Spencer from Big Brother US 15? I know, I just see certain features and like to compare them to previous houseguests. I can see Dallas going far.



Cassandra Shahinfar

Age: 22

Hometown: Winnipeg, MB

Occupation: Social Media Strategist

Short bio: This sassy attention seeker is ready to make the other houseguests do her dirty work – both in the game and in the house.

My analysis: Is that Rachel?! Kidding. Well, if she wants others to do her dirty work, it’s going to be interesting who is going to pull it off successfully – Cassandra or Kelsey.


You can check out the Big Brother Canada main page for more details on the houseguests.

There you have it. That’s your final 7 houseguests for this upcoming season of Big Brother Canada. At first glance through everyone, I feel like this can be a really good season, but there’s still a lot of questions about this whole wild card vote and what role will those 2 international players have. Also, I could be wrong, but there seems to be more of a balance, albeit not even, of young and older people. I think it’s a great thing to have an even balance or even 60/40 split (young) because it makes the game a little bit more interesting.

Well, let’s see how it all goes down on March 2.

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