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Big Brother Canada Season 4 Houseguests Revealed: Part 1 of 2


7 of the 14 houseguests have been revealed for season 4 of Big Brother Canada.

Season 4 of Big Brother Canada premieres next week (March 2) and everyone was wondering when they were going to reveal the houseguests. I mean, I was starting to think they were never going to share it with us and it was going to be this big twist/surprise on premiere night. Well, I was wrong because they announced the first 7 houseguests to enter the Big Brother Canada house.

Update: The remaining 7 houseguests can be found here.

Houseguest_0006_JKJared Kesler

Age: 24

Hometown: Winnipeg, MB

Occupation: Pipeline worker

Short bio: This polite pipeline worker is a brawny sweetheart who will charm the pants off all of the houseguests.

My analysis: I’m sure some ladies will think he’s cute, but he ain’t no Zach. He reminds of the kind of guy that acts like he can play the part, but then stumbles and gets mad at himself for not going harder.



Houseguest_0004_LALoveita Adams

Age: 25

Hometown: Fort McMurray, AB

Occupation: CEO & Founder of a natural skincare line

Short bio: Passionate and bursting with energy, this independent girl plans to make and keep as many promises as possible to build trust in the house.

My analysis: I can see Loveita being fierce, but if she’s all about keeping promises, she will be 1 of the first 5 to be evicted.




Ramsey Aburaneh

Age: 26

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Occupation: Digital Marketing

Short bio: Fun and charismatic, this strategic player wants to downplay his athleticism and play like he’s just there to have fun.

My analysis: I like Ramsey. I think he will be pretty popular in the house and I can see him making it far.




Maddy Pavle

Age: 21

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Occupation: Server

Short bio: Strong and confidant is how she’ll play the game. She’s fun, she’s witty, and she is not afraid to get dirty.

My analysis: I like Maddy. Not because she’s from Vancouver (represent!), but I feel like she has a dark side to her and has a few tricks up her sleeves.




Raul Manriquez

Age: 21

Hometown: Calgary, AB

Occupation: Fashion Stylist

Short bio: Funny and social, Raul is here for the experience. He plans to avoid strategizing and just wants to go with the flow.

My analysis: Raul isn’t going to last. I mean, if you just read his short bio, it just makes him seem so care free and I feel like he won’t be paying close attention to what’s really going on. He’s definitely a floater.



Paige Distranski

Age: 19

Hometown: Thunder Bay, ON

Occupation: Veterinarian Tech Assistant

Short bio: A Northern Ontario nature lover whose experience in hunting and trapping will help her anticipate her fellow player’s moves.

My analysis: Doesn’t she have this personality/look of Heather from season 3? We all know how that went down.




Joel Lefevre

Age: 33

Hometown: Edmonton, AB

Occupation: Actor

Short bio: His likable disposition and nerdy attitude will let him fly under the radar until he needs to shift into gear to take the win.

My analysis: The oldest of the bunch so far, Joel definitely plays that nerdy part. He’s a wildcard for me. Meaning, he could go either way and I’m interested in how he is going to play the game. I definitely don’t expect him to be competitive, so he’s going to need to work on his social game real hard.


That’s your first 7 houseguests for this upcoming season of Big Brother Canada. Surely the other 7 will be revealed tomorrow, so come back tomorrow to find out who the rest of the houseguests are.

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