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Big Brother Canada 5 Cast Reveal Part 1


The moment we have all been waiting for – the cast reveal.

UPDATE: Final 8 houseguests have been announced here.

Well, if you were on Twitter/Facebook in the last few days and read some of the rumours of who will be returning, well, the rumours are true. Big Brother Canada released 8 of the 16 houseguests today, with 4 of them being returnees. This will most likely mean that the rest of the reveal will be tomorrow and there will be another 4 returnees. You can either read it all below or watch the video:

Gary Levy

The first runner up in BBCAN1, Gary is looking to claim the crown after losing it the first time around to a voting mishap.




Is your strategy to win Big Brother Canada different going in for a second time?

Yes! First and foremost, I’m going to reiterate the voting instructions when I get to the final two: “Houseguests, vote for the person you WANT to win!” I’m also going to strategize through the fun I’m going to have in the house. I’m going to connect with a strong guy in the house and do his make up while I talk to him about strategy. I’m going to use my social game, which comes so naturally to me.


Neda Kalantar

An admitted BBCAN strategist, Neda is looking for redemption after her game was cut short by her closest ally in BBCAN2.

AGE: 25



Is your strategy to win Big Brother Canada different going in for a second time?

It 100% has to be different. Last time I went in and laid low for the first few weeks. I can’t do that now. I have a reputation going in. I’ll have to see who is in there and who I need to work with. I may even need to win some competitions. It’s going to have to be a lot more fluid this time. My main alliance this season is going to be team Neda – me, my mom and my cat. Everything I do in the house will be for the team Neda and no one else. I will cut anyone I need to cut this season and I won’t look back.


Kevin Martin

Kevin is looking to take fewer gambles with his game after falling victim to the first-ever BBCAN triple eviction in BBCAN3.




Is your strategy to win Big Brother Canada different going in for a second time?

Yes absolutely. I can recognize the mistakes I made the first time. I let my feelings get the better of me. I truly just fell in love when I was in the house. But being the strong physical player in a romantic pair is not a very good idea because when that pairing gets targeted you’ll always go first. The first time I played I thought having good social game was just getting along with everyone, but it turned out to be a little shallow. This time I want to get to know people deeper on a personal level.


Bruno Ielo

Bruno is looking for a second chance after a coup d’état twist led to his departure in BBCAN3.




Is your strategy to win Big Brother Canada different going in for a second time?

I don’t have a set strategy. I need to meet everybody, see what they’re about, see the personalities, learn their strengths and weaknesses and use those against them. It’s a pretty basic strategy. It’s the same way I went in the first time.



Dre Gwenaelle

Brains, beauty and a sassy attitude, Masters student Andre “Dre” Gwenaelle is a force to be reckoned with.




Do you have a strategy to win Big Brother Canada?

I don’t have a strategy. I’m not necessarily prepared, and I think that’s an advantage because I want to be flexible enough to adapt in different scenarios and situations. I overthink a lot, and I feel like if I have something planned ahead, I’m going to want it to go as planned. Whereas, if I don’t have anything planned, it will force me to adapt.



Mark Chrysler

This fun, outgoing, fitness-lover is looking to dominate in physical challenges and with his social game.




Do you have a strategy to win Big Brother Canada?

I think I’ll be very strong in physical challenges. At the same time, being a bartender, I’ve learned how to interact with different kinds of people, so my social game will really help to get me far in the competition as well.



William Laprise Desbiens

This French-Canadian is looking to be himself and have fun in the house…but if he has to do some backstabbing in the process, he will.




Do you have a strategy to win Big Brother Canada?

Yeah, it will be to analyze everything and take all that information and use it to help my game. I’d even maybe use that information to backstab some people. A lot of people say, “I want to play a loyal game.” I don’t want to play like that. There’s a lot of money to be won at the end of the day and I’m really poor so….you know. I have watched all of the seasons of Big Brother Canada and love this show so much so I just want to have fun trying it for myself.


Emily Hawkin

This quirky singer-songwriter is waiting to see what the house has in store before deciding on her plan of attack.




Do you have a strategy to win Big Brother Canada?

I’ve thought a lot about different strategies but I think I will go in and everything will change. I don’t think you can make a real plan. I’m going in and will feel it out. After the first HOH competition I think I’ll have a better idea of what I’m going to do.


There’s your first 8 houseguests in season 5 of Big Brother Canada. Make sure to head on over here bright and early tomorrow when the remaining 8 houseguests will be revealed.

In case you missed it – check out the brands that partnered up with Big Brother Canada this season and what the final prize will be for the winner here.

Big Brother Canada 5 premieres next Wednesday, March 15th.

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